Morang(T) is one of 6 blocks of Kinnaur district. There are total 144 villages/locations which come under Morang(T). Here is the list of villages/locations which come under Morang(T).
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Akpa Khas (33-1)Asno Kanda (48-8)Asrang Khas (7-1)Becho Thach (7-4)Chakra (16-5)Chang Kuwa (48-5)Changmang (16-4)Charang Khas (59-1)Chetang Kanda (48-7)Chhappan (28-4)Chhuyian (40-7)D P F Rispa-191-192 (50)D P F Satra-189-190 (49)D P F-186 (43)D P F-187 (42)D P F-188 (41)D P F-193 (51)D P F-194 (52)D P F-195 (62)D P F-196 (61)D P F-197 (63)D P F-215 (21)D P F-216 (20)D P F-217 (17)D P F-218 (11)D P F-219(A) (13)D P F-219(B) (12)D P F-220 (15)D P F-221 (22)D P F-222 (23)D P F-223 (25)D P F-224 (26)D P F-225 (24)D P F-226 (27)D P F-227 (32)D P F-228 (31)D P F-229 (36)D P F-230 (37)D P F-231 (38)D P F-232 (39)Dagrang Kanda (16-3)Dhar Bhring Mochhe (1)Dhar Brati (73)Dhar Chamangsi (86)Dhar Changakkache (57)Dhar Changmang (19)Dhar Chhiling Khola (66)Dhar Chogeta (35)Dhar Danro (79)Dhar Drang (14)Dhar Dulmnish (75)Dhar Gara (47)Dhar Gramangwal (68)Dhar Gunjang (3)Dhar Guntang (74)Dhar Jetutang (44)Dhar Joganchan (87)Dhar Jubling (30)Dhar Kagte (4)Dhar Khatoch (29)Dhar Khayo (80)Dhar Kushkat (46)Dhar Kyari (6)Dhar Lalanti (56)Dhar Lawar (82)Dhar Lochhas (70)Dhar Lung Kumar (83)Dhar Lungpha (88)Dhar Mangla (58)Dhar Mateng (10)Dhar Panah (45)Dhar Patmali (55)Dhar Piwung (90)Dhar Ratian (81)Dhar Shangchawal (71)Dhar Shilachh (72)Dhar Shyangla (9)Dhar Sunklam (54)Dhar Tapula (85)Dhar Tepang (2)Dhar Timchhe (67)Dhar Tiwur (77)Dhar Warchha (89)Dhar Wari (5)Dhar Weshlum (18)Dhar Wishtang (69)Dhar Yamdaling (76)Fulang Thach (7-5)Giyung Lang (59-2)Giyung Lang (59-2)Gramang (64-6)Gyamting (78-4)Gyangra (34-4)Holdang (40-4)Holdang (48-3)Horang Pawa (78-2)Jagechan (78-7)Jangi Khas (28-1)Khadi (78-6)Khadura (34-2)