Algapur is one of 4 blocks of Hailakandi district. There are total 97 villages/locations which come under Algapur. Here is the list of villages/locations which come under Algapur.
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AlgapurAlgapurAlgapur Pt IAlgapur Pt IiAlgapur Pt IiiAlgapur Pt IvAlgapur Pt VAlgapur Pt VAlgapur Pt-IiiAlgapur Pt-VBadarpur GrantBakori Hawar Pt IBakri Howar Pt IiBakri Howar Pt IiiBakri Howar Pt IvBakri Howar Pt IxBakri Howar Pt VBakri Howar Pt ViBakri Howar Pt ViiBakri Howar Pt ViiiBakri Howar Pt XBakri Howar Pt XiBakri Howar Pt XiiBansbari GrantBansbari Pt IBansbari Pt IiBashbari Pt-IiBhatirkupa Pt IBhatirkupa Pt-I (A)Bhatisang JuraiBokri Hawor Pt-IxBokri Hawor Pt-XBokri Hawor Pt-XiBokri Hawor Pt-XiiBornagadBurni Brease GrantChandipurChandipur GrantChandipur Pt IChandipur Pt IiChandipur Pt IiiChandipur Pt IvChibita BichiaChiparsangamChiparsangam Pt IChiparsangan Pt IiChiparsangan Pt IiiDakhin BadarpurDholidaharDholidahar GrantJankibazarKalinagar Pt IKalinagar Pt IiKalinagar Pt IiiKalinagar Pt IvKalinagar Pt VKalinagar Pt ViKalinagar Pt ViiKalinagar Pt ViiiKapnarparMatirgramMohanpur Pt IMohanpur Pt IiMohanpur Pt IiiMohanpur Pt IvMohanpur Pt VMohanpur Pt ViMohanpur Pt-IMohanpur Pt-IiNabin SonapurNarainpur NorthNarainpur Pt INarainpur Pt IiNarainpur Pt IiNarainpur Pt IiiNarainpur Pt IvNarainpur Pt-INitainagar Pt INitainagar Pt IiPadmarparPanchgramPolarparPolaspurSalchapraSayed Bond Pt-IiiSayedbond Pt ISayedbond Pt IiSayedbond Pt IiiSialtekThandapurTupang Pt-ITupang Pt-IiTupang Pt-IiiTupang Pt-IxUttar Kanchanpur Pt IUttar Kanchanpur Pt IiUttarbadarpur